Wednesday, April 16, 2008

illustration friday topic: fail

after hearing about the other night, i decided to give it a try [anything to get more of my art "out there":)]. because of learning about it so late in the week though, i decided to dig up an existing concept that i think nails the topic quite nicely: fail.

really looking forward to creating a brand-new piece for next week's topic already!!

... patenaude


EEL said...

Great image! I'm also excited to get going on our next word. I am new to this and have only done two so far!

Tony LaRocca said...

i like his hat!

ICe said...

I like the mood and the setting.

FRAN said...

Wicked drawing!

brian patenaude said...

thanks for the kind words, everyone!
quite excited about getting back into the "art" art again- have been concentrating on work [video games] that last few years, but feel like i'm finally a real;) artist again!

... patenaude

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