Thursday, April 24, 2008

!!WOW!! look what i found in the vault!

hey there, firends!,

so! i _finally_ got around to going through some old art work from _WAY_ back when, that i'd burned and forgot about. some of them are on my portfolio site, but need a bit of polish and love to get them ready for my etsy shop.

yes- i'm obsessed with "printmaking" now, but you know... it's because it seems they' finally being "brought to life" after sitting on old hard drives, CD back-ups, and the darkest corners of the internet. when they're actually PRINTED, they exist PHYSICALLY, and that, my friends, is a great feeling!

here are a few, that i dug up the full-resolution versions of [no- these images are _not_ full rez] from the box collection, that i created _WAY_ back in 2001!!

i hope you enjoy, and be on the look out for more "golden oldies";)
... patenaude

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