Sunday, April 13, 2008


so... i think this is the direction i'm going with them [all... 11 of them (not sure what i'm going to cut)]- a bit simpler than some of the last paintings i've done- trying to reign it in a bit, and experiment a bit more with different formulas/ processes, before i expand back into larger compositions [although with my attention span- who knows].

this particular piece, "FLOATING BEASTLY PORTRAIT: june" [the month is primarily a way to keep track of which beast it is] is a product of the following process...

a nice spontaneous sketch (it's funny how something i strive so hard to keep "spontaneous, involves so much work;)) with very little line work, scanning, resizing to a specific image size [the final product will be a 7X7" print], printing it out (on the cheap printer;)), tracing it onto canvas paper with my favorite lead holder (graphite), then nailing the lines (not line width) with sharpie.

after that comes the gouache- nothing complicated- just washes with a bit of character, then onto the final [although this may be a step i vary for future pieces] outlines, with windsor newton ink + various uniball pens for smaller line weights.

then comes the scan [i'm thinking i might scan a separate outline (the original usually ends up differing enough from the painting so that i'm not able to lay THAT over the top for the outline) to composite over the top separately, like i've done int he past], which is taken into photoshop to pump back in, the saturation that the scanner drops out. after that, there's a bit of color balance, to pull it back to the original colors. i then select the color range (@ ~100 tolerance), and fill it with black for a layer of multiply, and a layer of color burn [both set to the specific piece].

and here's what i got...

ps. i applaud all of you that have the endurance to get all the way through any of these ADD-riddled posts of mine, and are able to make even a bit of sense out of any of it;)

... patenaude


Junkyard Sam said...

#1 I love it! Weird to hear about your process. Always interesting to see how others work.

#2 I hope you keep the border and don't trim it. the scratchy paint going outside the line looks neat.

#3 Why do you have this word verification thing? Turn it off! Mine doesn't have it does it? hehe

brian patenaude said...

thanks for the advice- i took the word verification off- didn't realize it was on there- ope! and yes- it's on yours too [easy to uncheck in the settings].

and yeah- going to try to keep the rough/ bleed borders as much as i can:)

... patenaude