Tuesday, April 8, 2008


... and if you've been attention, you know what that means: my brand-new & BAD_ASS HP photosmart PRO B91850 arrived today. after fighting with the install disc for hours, i was finally able to run a couple test prints, and feel confident injecting a _BOAT_LOAD_ of new art [that up until now, been existing only in the darkest recesses of the Internet and my hard drive] into http://www.brianpatenaude.etsy.com/!!

the image below, "polly's picnic", A psychedelic tribute to one of my dogs, is one of my favorites from the RESUSCITATION series, which i've brought back from the dead exclusively for sale @ http://www.brianpatenaude.etsy.com/!!

the LEFT_OUT series has also _FINALLY_ wrapped up, and the entire collection can also be purchased on http://www.brianpatenaude.etsy.com/. here's one of my favorites of the series, LEFT OUT: OF THE BABY SITTING DUTIES"...

next up! a 7X7" series of 15 called, "BEASTLY FLOATING PORTRAITS" and "SMURFS: REMIX", a small series of just 3. NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!!

... patenaude

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