Friday, March 14, 2008

a collection of possible art outlets...

just pasting a bit of [paraphrased] info that my ol' buddy, junkyard sam sent me about possible sites to sell art on- posting this more for my reference than yours, but use it if ya want!

"good info on here about where to sell art online [if ya wanna]:

The big question is - do you want to MAKE YOUR OWN PRINTS or have a company make them and send them for you?

If you want the COMPANY to make them, IMAGEKIND is probably the most popular.

If YOU want to make your prints, then BOUNDLESS GALLERY seems to be the only mainstream art site that doesn't try to make your prints for you. I like prints made by the artist. I think that is like a thousand times cooler than art from some company.... But on the other hand, it takes time to get my prints together man... And you might as well say fuck it. All that packaging and cutting and stuff --- i can't lie, it adds up to a LOT of time that could be spent making art.

ETSY is different. It's an extremely cool and easy to buy from store -but it's like mostly people who are into CRAFTS. And it seems have to price real low to sell there. And people have a weird taste in art. You can look on the site and see who's selling what, etc.

What I'm doing is having that jumpstation and a different set of art at each. So there's no overlap.
Gallery 1 = (open edition handmade prints)
Gallery 2 = (limited edition handmade prints)
Gallery 3 = (future possibility for commercial prints)

and info on a couple more he's not using...
I look at that site every week. Art ranges a lot in quality, but the site has a huge set of fans and the prints sell out every time


ps. so far, i'm leaning towards tinyshowcase, we heart prints, and etsy.

... patenaude

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