Wednesday, March 5, 2008

sat. morning cartoons show!

... @ "ouch my eye gallery" on march 1st, 2007- my first art show... ever [which unfortunately i wasn't able to attend because of jen and my prior engagement that weekend- the 30th annual napa valley marathon]. anyway- after never ending tests to figure out which sealants and ink will work best with gauche, here are a few pics of the fruits of my labor...

the show's flyer- apologies abotu the resolution- obviously i haven't gotten the hang of blogspot yet.

... jen poses with her fellow smurfs;)

... a shot from outside the "ouch my eye" gallery, when we checked out the exhibit on march 7th.

... "smurfs_b", the central piece in my poorly planned triptych.

... "smurfs_a", barely made into the set, but after i'd commit ed to "smurfs_c" [yes- i need to work on my titles;)] i was worried about the balance of the series. and with the process for the series already developed, things were moving more smoothly, so it seemed like a no-brainer to work it in.

... "smurfs_c", mixed thoughts on papa's shenanigans.

so! when all is said and done, this experience has been invaluable. despite the pieces not being my proudest achievement, it was great finally getting my foot int he door with my first show, and i received quite a bit of positive feedback on the pieces. not to mention the whole process really got the ball rolling with my art- i have ~15 pieces in the works, and don't plan on stopping any time soon!

this just in- shots from opening night:

... patenaude

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