Sunday, March 23, 2008

print test results...

so- just got the prints back yesterday from [seattle chroma works]. they turned out beautifully aside from minor color issues, and a DPI issue that cause the 10X10" images to be stretched to 11X11" [apparently the jpeg didn't retain the dpi/ image size settings]. they held up well tot he scaling though [might run some future tests to check how enlargeable my art is], and after a few inky touch ups, are ready to go...

above: the originals are pictured next to their giclée brethren.

the test was also to determine which paper i'll be using to print this first series. the enhanced matte turned out nicely, but the canvas and rag papers just seemed more "special" & "substantial"- like a "piece of art" instead of a piece of "paper with art printed on it". i'm currenlty debating which of those two to use for future prints. will be sure to post here, when i have anything ready for purchase:)

... patenaude


Junkyard Sam said...

Never submit JPG for printing!!! Only TIFF or PSD or TGA or some nondestructive format.

Even at 100% quality, JPG alters some of your pixels for size compression. It's lossy. You don't want it!

Probably not noticeable in your print, but definitely stick with TIFF in the future! Plus TIFF will save your size & DPI info.

brian patenaude said...

dang... i suppose i really shoulda know that *embarrassed*. thanks for the info!

... patenaude