Saturday, March 22, 2008

new mission statement?...

i hope this isn't too pretentious... because anybody that i really talk to art with, in any great detail, knows this is what i feel. with that, i present my new mission statement [do people even need those any more;)?]...

aside from various bits that everybody share in common: to love our family's, leave the world a better place than they found it, feed ourselves, stay alive, etc... i exist to create art... with an original style [one who's creator can be easily distinguished from _all_ that is out there], and might possibly even enjoy... with most of the emphasis of course being on the originality.

when i see a great idea in art [whether it be in a movie, video game, or on canvas], i can appreciate it, but ultimately i see it that's one less idea that i can bring to life.

that all being said, artists that i would consider "influential" towards my style, i'd say are more because they seem to place the same emphasis on originality and personal style over traditional and technical skill, which seems to exist in a greater abundance [there's a _TON_ of great looking stuff out there these days]... although i don't seem the latter characteristics seem to hurt, to me... they're just not as _important!_

in other news... quite a bit of progress made on the SMURFS_REMIX series today- nice stuff [i think]... applying quite a bit that i learned on the original SMURF and last couple series towards what will hopefully be, my most entertaining set to date. yeah, yeah... i know... less talk, and more art. heading off to draw a bit more... now!

... patenaude

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Junkyard Sam said...

Wow man I loved your "mission statement" post. It's really cool watching you develop your work-outside-of-work.

And I look forward to getting my first real Patenaude print!