Wednesday, March 5, 2008

mo' tests [canvas paper]...

well- the new canvas paper finally arrived [i never get tired of recieving packages in the mail- always fun], which i'd ordered last week to accommodate the sizes of one of the new series i'm starting, workingly titled "floating beasties. they'll be 21X7 [yes- another odd size], which i'd like to blow up 2X into a print, if they'll hold up [the penciling i have done for it is just begging fora bigger canvas].

anyway- for the smurf pieces i was working with fredrix, med. texture, 16X20" canvas paper, which i was really digging. but because that was the biggest size i could find @ michaels [go figure;)], and i had to order more online, i've decided to test a few new 18X24" ones out...
01] biefang papier canvasette: very rigid, with plenty of texture- feels nice.
02] fredrix cotton artist canvas: super soft- can't wait to see how that'll effect whatever painting i decide to throw on there.
03] blick studios triple-primed w/ gesso, feels like it has a med. rigidity- the most like the fredrix, and after a couple tests, it's what i'll probably decide on for the floating beasties series.

yes- i'm sure all this seems quite boring, but it's what i'll be dealing with to get my process nailed down as i get back into all of this.

ps. i'll try my best not to post any more on here without including some nice images for your oogling pleasure.

... patenaude

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