Tuesday, March 18, 2008

dilemma, dilemma...

so one of my favorite aspects of this recent art "resurgence", is that i "thought" it'd removed my photoshop crutch, and gotten my hands dirty again [ink, gauche, etc.].

BUT! in order to generate prints from these pieces, they need to go through the PC by way of scanner, etc. and as soon as it hits the screen, aside from saturation/ color issues that need to be righted, other faults spring from seemingly nowhere, when you're staring at a piece @ 300 DPI... and those need to be fixed of course.

AND WHILE I'M ALREADY THERE... i just can't help but feel the urge to do another pass on it, which the STRAY series [after staring at it for a bit on the monitor], seems to be begging for.

... so after all this push to go almost completely analog, it looks like i just won't be able to shake my ol' friend photoshop. i suppose when all is said and done, i should embrace any tool that helps me get the job done, although i can't help but at least TRY to reduce the complexity of the process... yes- THESE, my friends, are my issues.

... patenaude

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